Paijanne 2024 – the event

The dates in 2024 will be march 13 – 17!

The event is a traditional winter fun event and will return to Lake Paijanne in Finland’s Asikkala region March 13-17, 2024.

The event is for everyone who has a certification in freediving. There is no competition apart of the ” arctic static challenge“. It is just to have fun together with fellow divers and enjoy the feelings in the nature’s own cathedral under the white ice cover.

You dive two distances under the ice: 15 meters and 20 meters. In addition, on Wednesday, March 15, there is the possibility to participate in the deep diving event and dive up to 30 meters.

Remember to bring your own lanyard and a diving light for the night dive.

Due the nature of the event the number of participants is limited. To make sure you will have a place, please make your registration before 14th of January 2024. First come first served.


Wednesday 13 th of March

  • 8.30 Safety briefing and lanyard check
  • 9.30 Transportation to deep diving location
  • 10.00-16.00 Deep diving day
  • 16.00 Transportation back to Lehmonkärki

Thursday 14 th of March

  • 8.00 Safety briefing
  • 9.00 Transportation to Sonnanen
  • 10.00-16.00 Diving day Sonnanen
  • 16.00 Transportation back to Lehmonkärki

Friday 15 th of March

  • 9.00 Safety briefing
  • 9.30 Arctic Static Challenge
  • 12.00-17.00 Voluntary activities
  • 17.00 Safety briefing and diving light & lanyard check
  • 18.00-22.00 Night dive “Ice of fire”

Saturday 16 th of March

  • 9.00 Safety briefing and lanyard check
  • 10.00-16.00 Päijänne on the Rocks 2024 main event
  • 17.00 Special dinner

Sunday 17 th of March

  • Departure

Download here the Programm as a PDF

How to dive

A total of six holes are cut into the ice, and they are all in your use. The distance with straight lines is 15 meters the diagonal ones about 20 meters. It is allowed to dive one line at the time, from one hole to another. Before the dive you must check that the line you have chosen is empty and nobody is coming against you. Talking between the holes is easy.