Deep Diving

As last year we are offering a four-day diving event with many special events. You will have the opportunity to go diving already on Wednesday, the “Deep Dive Day” in Lake Päijänne.

Enjoy the experience of not only diving in ice cold water, but also being deep under the ice and enjoying the spectacular view from below on the underside of the thick ice as the sun’s rays break through the ice!

The maximum depth of diving in this event is 30 meters.

For this unique diving experience we can only offer a limited number of 20 places.

Transportation to the lake and participation are included in the prices.

Lake Sonnanen

Lake Sonannen is one of the clearest lakes in Finland. Its clean and almost briliant water always enchants divers and swimmers. We go and visit this place for free diving under ice on Thursday.

The lake is located in a protected area, so we can only offer a limited number of 20 places for this unique diving experience.

The last 100 meters we have to walk, so please pack a bag or backpack for the diving equipment.

We are in the beautiful heart of nature, so there is only one hut with sauna for changing and warming up, please pack enough food and drinks.

Transportation to the lake and participation are included in the prices.

(It is by government not allowed to go with your own car, we got special permission for the bus!)  

Static Challenge

On Friday, the “Arctic Static Challenge” will take place again. Show your skills as a freediver and set new records in the discipline “Static” – in the 2°C cold water of the Paijanne! Attention: no wetsuit is allowed! 🙂

Participation is voluntary.

Snowmobile Tour

On Friday there is the possibility to participate in a snowmobile safari. The whole area has beautiful snowmobile trails all around the Lake Päijänne. Enjoy the ride on a snowmobile and get to know the wonderfully beautiful landscape of the Paijanne National Park.

 You can book a ride as below:

  • Snowmobile ridge safari 35 km, 2,5 hours, 195€

The ride includes a coffee brake on the way.

This trip is organized by the Lehmonkärki team, please feel free to contact them for booking!