We have compiled a brief overview of the recommended diving gear for a save and successful participation in our event!

Please dive in 5 or 7 mm wetsuits and use additional neoprene underwear. If you have problems to get into your suit use a donning aid like the FlipSoc !



Due to the cold water please use the thickest neoprensocks that fit into your fins. 

Coat before / after the dive

It is useful to use a robe like the ” Dry Robe ” 


As above: 5 or 7 mm gloves are best suited for the dive!


Bring your own fins! But diving without fins is also ok!

Spikes/Snow Grips on the Ice

You should pack spikes or snow grips. Find a good and cheap example of snow grips  here at Amazon .

Shoes on the Ice

The “Crocks” clog is quite simple use while wearing neoprensocks and snow grips are easily mounted on this clog!

Night Dive

A flashlight is mandatory at the night dives! If you do not have a flashlight, you can rent one at the event. Must be reserved in advance.


A lanyard is mandatory when diving! So please don’t forget yours!


There is enough lead to rent at the event*! Lead costs 10€/kg and you will get 5€/kg back when returning the lead. Please let us know how much you need within the registration!

*) Look for the blank “Need for Lead” field at the bottom of the registration form